31 Aug 2016

ADLG Army Lists from The Worlds 2016

After The Worlds this weekend, a number of the players have been kindly sending me their army lists for inclusion on the ADLG Wiki. Some who are even kinder have registered and added their list to the wiki themselves (!!) but even so, I now have a number of lists from the event available to see.

The lists I have so far are on the relevant wiki pages and are linked from these final standings for the ADLG event - hopefully its right, as I've had to guess some of the names from email addresses.

I'll update this post if / when I get more.

1 Tortosa Rafa Spain 503
2 Duthil Philippe France 456
3 Tahon Patrick France 442
4 Lopez Julian Spain 424
5 Crotteau Marc USA 419
6 Diaz Javier Spain 401
7 Teulié Brice France 401
8 Tate Hugo Belgium 393
9 Lefevre Eudes France 391
10 Roudil Cédric France 379
11 Gilles Jean-François France 366
12 Bricault Mickael France 364
13 Sciangula Christophe France 362
14 Martellacci Massimiliano Italy 349
15 Maistriaux Thomas Belgium 348
16 Hazelwood Dan USA 348
17 Lefebvre Patrick France 344
18 Matagne Jean Belgium 344
19 Maistriaux Jean-Louis Belgium 342
20 Docremont Philippe France 341
21 Salvaderi Stefano Italy 337
22 Piegle Olivier France 337
23 Martinez Lionel France 337
24 Berucci Francesco Italy 329
25 Plouchart Stéphane France 328
26 Allen David Uk 327
27 Abric Matthieu France 327
28 Webb Peter UK 301
29 Villaescusa Frédéric France 290
30 Gouret Corentin France 278
31 Lo Moro Carmelo Andrea Italy 278
32 Misson Etienne Belgium 275
33 Van Lersberghe RenaudBelgium 272
34 Sanders Dave UK 268
35 Porter Tim UK 267
36 Jamieson Gordon UK 263
37 Dejoux Bruno France 262
38 Marlia Guglielmo Italy 260
39 Zito Claudio Italy 250
40 D'addino Stefano Italy 240
41 Gomez Mattia Italy 238
42 Defour Florent France 232
43 Suárez Pablo Italy 205
44 Impair Joueur Terre 188
45 Morvan Lionel France 173
46 Germain Yvan France 108

The registration code for the Wiki is "Alexander" if you want to add comments, or add an army list yourself. 

Here also are some pictures of the armies in action... 

19 Aug 2016

Saumur - Taking bows and arrows to a tank fight...

As L'Art de la Guerre continues it's inexorable advance in popularity right across the world (it's set to be the biggest competition at the upcoming "The Worlds" in Belgium later this month, with almost 50% more players, drawn from more countries than any other ruleset on offer there), the opportunity to take part in an overseas holiday competition was inevitably going to come around sooner rather than later - and where better do do so than the home of the rules, France, and an event held in one of the most amazing wargaming spaces imaginable - the French Tank Museum in Saumur in the stunning Loire Valley.

I had chosen to take an Early Achaemenid Persian army, mainly on the rationale that I had a lot of Sparabara figures that hadn't seen light of day in years as well as some new cavalry from Xyston (very nice) and Forged in Battle (not quite as impressive). The competition mandated an allied contingent too, which for the Persians was an armoured hoplite Greek command.

After a "fantastique" drive down to Saumur (after getting around the brain-bender of crossing the channel and going into Europe the day after the Brexit vote..) the competition est arrive, giving me 5 games in which to see if my ADLG knowledge and skills stood up to the test of playing against French experts, in French.

The end result was plenty of good learning experiences as various French players gave my army some stiff lessons about new and different ways to play (yes, barbarian armies are more than viable in ADLG!), and the even more surprising appearance of the use of "tactics" and "maneuver" by my forces as we battled to hang on in there and not get crushed underfoot

See for yourself how the Persians did in these "incroyable" 5 fully-featured battle reports ...

17 Aug 2016

Normandy Beaches - D-Day tour

Another summer trip, this time a guided tour of the Normandy beaches including a stopoff in Portsmouth to see Southwick House where the invasion was planned and where the decision to "go" was taken.

Here are the photos:

The invasion map at Southwick House - made by workers from a jigsaw making company in the Midlands

Pegasus Bridge - the new version (the old one was too small for modern traffic so has been replaced and is kept off to the right of this photo)

Cafe Gondrian. Painting tips if you have one yourself

The plastic chairs are not very WW2 vintage

 Looking back across the bridge to the 50mm gun position on the far side.

Not been repainted since the war...?

Sword Beach

Juno Beach

Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach

Sherman at Gold Beach. I think this is a Jumbo?

10 Aug 2016

More Dead Mans hand....

Just a random game from the club - buying those buildings sure is addictive...

Don't forget, this site also has a Cowboy Name Generator so you can easily cook up your own gang...

7 Aug 2016

RIAT 2016 - the RAF Fairford Airshow

In July I just happened to be on holiday and staying in Cheltenham when the RAF Fairford Royal International Air Tattoo took place... and so a visit to it somehow snuck onto the week's agenda...

Here are some of the photos and videos from Europe's (or possibly the worlds) best military Airshow.

F16 lineup with some Mirages too

The A400M is big...

 USMC V22 Osprey

Tigermeet F16

 A400M's ridiculous display

A line of multinational Typhoons

More Typhoons (well, the same lot from a different angle)

Subtle squadron mottos #134

Greece - still flying the F4

View from the top of the aircraft steps

Same, but seconds later...

Erm... probably a Typhoon?

Typhoon, F35 and the Red Arrows in formation

And slightly nearer...

And hen going away..

F35B in hover mode.  
 Hopefully a video /..



Both flavours together

The Red Arrows

Both F35's, B in the foreground

The Red Arrows.  All 10 of them....

F22 Raptors
F22's again.

Osprey Rules on Amazon

En Garde! is a small-scale skirmish game based on the successful Ronin rules, in which small groups of warriors fight each other for honour or riches. Well reviewed, and definitely worth a punt at this price...

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